bobblehead boy youth  trophy
generic youth  trophy
bobblehead girl youth soccer trophy
59515GS $6.50
Bobblehead Soccer
es  Male
59514GS $6.50
Bobblehead Soccer Trophies
52515GS $6.50
Bobblehead  Soccer
Trophies  Generic
elite girls youth  trophy
oval female youth  trophy
54514gs $8.50 6", $14 8"
Female Soccer Trophy Plaque
54515gs $8.50 6", $14 8"
Male Soccer Trophy Plaque
55514gs $8.50 Elite
6" Female Statues
elite boys youth  trophies
girls gold bobblehead youth  trophy
boys gold bobblehead youth  trophy
55515gs $8.50 Elite
6" Male Statues
New Gold Bobblehead  
-Female $5.50
New Gold Bobblehead  
-Male $5.50
male statue youth  trophies
female youth  trophy
diamond youth soccer trophy
Diamond Resin Soccer Trophy Plaque
6" Tall 8.5" wide $8
50402 $14.00 Resin Soccer
Trophies  Female 8.5"
50401 $14.00 Resin Soccer
Trophies  Male 8.5" Statue
 trophies sportscene
trophies net riser
trophies single post
youth  trophies 3 ball
Single Post Soccer Trophies
SSPCRS  $7.95  
Sportscene Trophies
(scene on insert may vary)
3SBRSR  $7.50  3 Ball
Riser Soccer Trophies
NETBRSR  $7.50  Net
Riser  Trophies
kicker youth trophies
jr youth  trophy
trophies silver ball
double youth  trophies
pkobsc  $3.95
Pewter Color Kicker  
Trophies 5" Male only
$3.95  Double Player Soccer
es on Base 5"
JPOBSC $3.95 Junior
Player Soccer
Trophies  on Base 6"
SB3C  $6.95  
Pewter/Gold Ball  
Trophies w/riser 11"
peak youth trophies
star youth trophies
OSCB  $5  Peak Display
STRMLR  $5.50 Superstar  
Trophies w/mylar
(insert sticker may vary)
ssm youth soccer medal
htm youth soccer medal
cem youth  medal
SSM Gold Medal w/
ribbon $2.95
HTM Color Medal
w/ribbon  $2.95
CEM Color Medal
w/Ribbon $2.95
Delp's Awards is committed to bringing you the ultimate in corporate awards, recognition plaques & acrylics, Athletic
Awards and trophies, at an economy price.  Free engraving is included in every order, and most orders will ship in 3
working days if not sooner.  If you don't see the particular recognition plaque, acrylic award, or trophy that you are
looking for, please call or email us.  It is also best to call us if you have a large order involving 2-post and 3-post
trophies, as it is easier for us to customize the look of your trophy to fit your event.  
Delps Awards 1010 Tyinn #4, Eugene, Oregon 97404
Phone 541-686-5515, Fax 541-334-5077
soccer trophies at delp's awards
Shipping Info
541-334-5077 (fax)
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Soccer Trophies, Soccer Trophy Awards
soccer trophy resin shoe statue
Sportsbank soccer trophies
Shield plaque  trophies
shield  trophies
Resin  trophies
resin  trophies
goldstar soccer trophies
riser  trophies
soccer plaque
half ball  trophies
Resin Statue Color Soccer
Trophies $6.95
Sportsbank soccer trophies 6"
Goldstar Resin Soccer Trophies
6" $9.50
Soccer shield plaque
female $14
Soccer shield plaque
male $14
6x8 Soccer plaque with resin
display $12
Half Ball  on star
Soccer trophies $6.95
Double action resin trophies,
9.5" female normally $24
Double action resin  
9.5" male normally $24
PRICE  $16
Riser Soccer
trophies in male or
female 13" $7.95
Acrylic awards are the
ultimate in corporate
recognition.  At Delp's
Awards, all acrylic
awards will be custom
engraved for free,
including your
company or school
logo (please email
logo separately).  Most
Acrylic Awards can be
engraved and shipped
in 3 working days.  
Orders are shipped
UPS (or Priority Mail at
our preference).  We
have acrylic awards in
many different shapes
and sizes.  Please
check out our acrylic
award pages!
Recognition Plaques are
available with free
engraving (including
logos) in all sizes.  
Compare the prices of our
award plaques, and you
will find huge savings in
every class of plaque, from
mdf boards to solid walnut
plaques to piano finish
solid walnut plaques!  
We have award plaques in
many different shapes and
sizes.  Please check out
our recognition plaque
pages and acrylic award
pages!  These make great
corporate awards!
soccer medal award
soccer trophies
PDU Medal w/ ribbon
Color resin Soccer Trophy
Display 5" tall $6.50
5x7 Gold embossed soccer
plaque $12 Great for
Coaches too!
Soccer Spinning Figure
Trophy 5" Tall $4.95
Soft foam spinning Soccer
Ball Trophy 5.75" Tall
soccer trophies
Soccer Eagle Riser
Trophy 11" tall $7.50
soccer trophies
Star Riser Soccer Trophies
are 13" Tall in Male or
Female $7.95
soccer star trophy
soccer sports star trophyh
star soccer trophy
cosmic soccer trophies
oval soccer trophies
oval soccer trophies
encore soccer trophy
soccer trophy starburst
soccer trophies
soccer star trophies
soccer trophy
xploding soccer trophies
soccer trophy sportsballz
Soccer Sports Star Trophy 6"
Resin $7.95
Soccer Star Trophy 6" Resin
Soccer Starburst Resin
Trophy 7" tall $8.95
Soccer SportsBallz 4.5" resin
trophy only $3.50
Soccer Cosmic Resin
Trophy 7" tall $8.95
Soccer Female Oval Legend
Plaque 7.5" Wide $14
Soccer Male Oval Legend
Plaque 7.5" Wide $14
shooting star soccer trophy
Soccer Star Riser Trophy w/
spinning ball comes in Male or
Female.  13" Tall $9.95
Soccer Sports Star
Trophy is 7" tall. $7.95
Soccer Xploding resin
trophy Male.  5.25" tall
Soccer Xploding resin
trophy Female. 5.25" tall
Available in 1 week
Soccer Rising Star
trophy 7" tall $9.00
Soccer Encore Award 7"
Soccer Shooting Star
Trophy 5" tall $6.75